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About Us

In the new ultra-modern building, HMS increased its nine in-patients bed capacity to 30 in-patient beds. Branded user friendly, the edifice commensurate with its status as the most preferred private healthcare facility in northern Ghana. The new facility has a spacious lobby, a modern operation theater and laboratory, well resourced critical care unit, spacious and private labour suite. Habana also has variety of rooms for clients to choose from. It is the first in northern Ghana and among very few health facilities to introduce Electronic Medical Records System. This has further reduced the turn-around time; improve confidentiality, protection and conservation of client information.

From 2015 to date, HMS has received several nomination and awards for the quality of service delivered. Notable among them is the ‘International Award in Excellence and Business Prestige’ in the Gold Category at the International Quality Summit in New York from BID Group One in 2015. The company’s CEO, Dr Thomas Winsum Anabah same that year was appointed ‘Quality Ambassador’ for 2016-2018 by the same group. HMS also received ‘WORLD BUSINESS LEADER’ award in Houston, Texas in 2015 from World Confederation of Businesses. In 2017 the Hospital received ‘BEST ENTERPRISE’ award in the field of health by the Socrates Committee, Oxford UK and Dr Anabah was also awarded ‘BEST MANAGER OF THE YEAR’

Today, HMS has doctors, nurses and supporting staff with expertise across broad in medicine (internal medicine, emergency and critical care, pediatrics, obstetrics & Gyneacology, ENT, anaesthesia and surgery). Our Doctors and nurses work around the clock with specialists available 24 hours on call. Located in a serene environment, the hospital atmosphere is simply home away from home.

Standing tall in the competition, and upholding ethical standards, both health professional and administrative staffs are committed to delivering quality services in a humane and equitable manner for all persons irrespective of social, gender, and race, religious, ethnic or political consideration. We value human life, exhibit high levels of professionalism, uphold the dignity and interest of clients, with beaming smiles.

Here at HMS, professionals strive to exceed the expectations of our clients with compassion and friendliness in the delivery of medical services, ensuring informed and dignified care through partnership and empowerment of clients.

Fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, HMS has adopted an orphanage in its catchment area and providing free medical consultation to the orphans anytime. HMS has also worked with local authorizes to improve on the road network of the community in which it operates. HMS is also focused on improving sanitation by sensitizing the community members on the need for clean societies. HMS is encouraging household to subscribe to waste collection companies and with the promise of absorbing half of the monthly collection fee of immediate neighbors. Habana’s medical staffs are regular guest on a local FM station to discuss health issues and educate the community on health matters on voluntary basis.


Habana Medical Service (HMS), the Premier Private Hospital in Northern Ghana was established in 2011 in the Tamale metropolis by Dr Thomas Winsum Anabah, a Consultant Anaesthesiologist with Masters in Critical Care and Emergencies. It started with in a four bedroom private house converted into a day clinic with an objective of attending to walk-in clients with non-communicable disease. Hard pressed with space, the living room was converted into a reception, nurses’ station and a dispensary. One of the four bed rooms was resourced to serve as a consulting room with diagnostic aids such as the ECG and ultrasound machines. One of the rooms was fixed for resuscitation, short observation, nebulization and day procedures (like change of catheter, injections etc).The third room was fixed to serve as a procedure room for pain management (nerve blocks and insertion of catheter for long term pain management). The fourth room was reserved for a laboratory. At the beginning this laboratory could only perform hematology and parasitology analysis. All other tests were outsourced to private laboratories.

HMS start with a hand full of medics (one permanent Doctor, three permanent nurses, one laboratory technician and one dispensary technician), these professionals were assisted by a receptionist who doubled as the cashier; a store keeper also doubled as procurement officer; two orderlies and a security officer provided security at night.  In less than two months of operations, we had to engage the services of part-time staff to meet the exigencies of the moment (patients begun to refuse transfers to other hospitals for admissions after their initial resuscitation at HMS). This compelled management to acquire an addition house within a compound to turn into wards for admissions. To complement this expansion, management upgraded the laboratory, employed two laboratory technologists culminating into abrogation of outsourced services contracts. Our turnaround time thereafter improved remarkably and quality of results were undoubtedly superb. Currently, Habana’s laboratory services is second to none in northern Ghana.

By the end of 2012, HMS became the most preferred healthcare service provider in northern Ghana. With two permanent Doctors, five permanent nurses and several part-time medical professionals, HMS was able to commence 24/7 emergency service, specialist day clinics from Monday to Saturday with a capacity to admit nine in-patient daily and a theater to conduct minor surgeries. Presently, all major companies (national and international) established in northern Ghana are our major clients benefiting our private health insurance services. HMS by dint of quality service delivery and best management received the first ever accreditation of health facilities from the United Nation as the only healthcare provider for all it’s employees in northern Ghana in 2013.

The above agreement did not come without a challenge. Early 2013, HMS faced serious challenges with space for expansion to accommodate clients and could not introduce more service to meet the demands arising. Management secured an acreage of land in 2013. Immediately a design for purpose ready by an architect and a contractor sent to site to start work. In June 2016 the building was completed, and the transition from the old building to new building was swift.

building was swift.

Our mision

Our mission aims at providing excellent and timely medical healthcare services to meet the high demand and expectations of our clients by bringing together the right medical components with a view to maintaining our position as the best private Healthcare provider in northern Ghana and beyond.

Our vision

Our Vision is to provide excellent medical services towards quality healthcare delivery.

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Visiting Hours
Two visitors per patient are allowed at one time in the ward.
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